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September Newsletter

How is Language Learned?

Almost all children learn the rules of their language at an early age through use, and over time, without formal instruction. One source for learning is genetic, human beings are born to speak! They have an innate gift for figuring out the rules of the language used in their environment. Children learn the specific variety of language that the important people around them speak.

Using a sing song voice helps babies tell the difference between words like “mama” or “daddy” because:

1) the higher pitch draws the baby’s attention to speech

2) speech sounds like “ma” and “da” are exaggerated, simplified or repeated. That gives babies a better chance at hearing the difference between them.

3) the affectionate tone of voice encourages infants to play with caregivers who draw attention to different words by speaking more loudly or slowing down their speech.

When babies listen to lots of speech, the connections in their brains are more sensitive to speech that is spoken in the environment around them.

Did you know: Parents who respond to their baby’s happy babbling sounds by imitating them or talking about the sounds they were making might be onto a good idea. Researchers found that this was linked to the baby making more complex sounds and developing language skills sooner.


September Books for 3 to 8 year olds

These 4 books are great resources to help your child with first day jitters, making new friends, and starting your new routine!

1. The Pigeon Has to go to School

2. There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books

3. The Cool Bean

4. The Good Egg


Best Breakfast for Young Children

20% of children and teens reported they skip eating breakfast. For youths, the benefits of regularly eating breakfast are many and varied. Breakfast has been linked to improvements in attention span and memory, better test scores, less irritability, a healthier weight and better nutrition overall.

1. Breakfast Bagel Bites

2. Ham Egg & Cheese Roll-Up

3. Waffle and Egg Breakfast Slider

4. Tater Tot Breakfast Bake


After School Snack Ideas

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