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June Newsletter

Friendship and Social Skills

How can I help my child with social skills and building friendships?

1. Schedule play dates

2. Model appropriate behavior

3. Read books that have a message about friendship

More tips:

Positive reinforcement goes a long way!

When you tell your child, “Great job!” or “Yay! You did it!” or “I like the way you ____!”

Then your child is more likely to repeat these positive statements to others.

Talk about feelings: Label how you, your child or others are feeling and explain why. Make sure to “ok” the feelings so your child knows it is ok to feel that emotion and it is ok for others to feel that way too! “You fell down. You are feeling sad. That is ok to feel sad. Can I give you a hug?”


4 Songs that Promote Hand Gestures

1. Wheels on the bus

2. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

3. Itsy bitsy spider

4. Bear hunt


Motor Activities for your Little One

  1. Scissor Cutting with Play Dough. Play dough offers a great way to develop a child’s fine motor skills while simultaneously developing her scissor cutting skills.

  2. Pipe Cleaner and Colander Activity. This activity sounds too good to be true, but you will be amazed at how much fun your kids will have stringing pipe cleaners into your kitchen colander. It will keep them entertained long enough for you to get dinner on the table while simultaneously developing their fine motor skills!

  3. Lacing Activities. There are so many inexpensive ways to setup lacing activities at home. Whether you use a bit of string and different types of pasta or wooden blocks.

  4. Erasing Letters with a Q-Tip. All you need is a white board and dry erase markers and some Q-tips. This will work on your child’s fine motor skills, but also teach concepts like letters, numbers, and shapes.


Enjoy the Warm Weather! Another Bucket List of FUN!


June Crafts: Father's Day and Summer Fun

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