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Open Positions - Now Hiring!

SEIT is frequently looking for engaging, passionate professional to join our team.  

We are currently accepting resumes for:
-North Carolina Licensed Speech Language Pathologists
(Spanish-speaking a bonus!)

-Developmental Therapists* (Spanish-speaking a bonus!)

Resumes may be submitted at any time. If you are interested
in working with Simmons Early Intervention Therapy, please click here.

*Bachelors degree or higher required

Child Therapist
Autism Therapy

Referrals to SEIT
If you are interested in learning more about making referrals to Simmons Early Intervention Therapy, please send us an email here. We regularly receive referrals from childcare centers, pediatricians, healthcare providers, community agencies, and more.

Childcare Programs Partnerships
Ask us about our partnership programs with Childcare Centers! Together we provide children with developmentally-enriching activities and make your childcare center more marketable. If you are interested, click here.
It’s a win-win!


Daycare Center
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