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August Newsletter

What Age Do Kids Start Kindergarten!

Potentially one of the most important decisions a parent can make: when their child should begin schooling? In the USA, it is common for parents to begin to think about sending their children to school sometime between the late 4 to early 7 years old. Only 17 states in the US require kindergarten. The World Bank lists the average school starting age to be 6 years old in the USA. Although it is becoming a trend to send children to school at a younger and younger age, and different states have adopted different laws about how young they will begin accepting students.

There are lots of factors involved in deciding when is the right time to start sending your child to school. Or if you’re going to homeschool!

Ask yourself if your child follow simple directions, use the bathroom by themselves, recognize some letters and numbers, gets along with other children/enjoys being social, and of course, when they express interest in starting school and learning. USA’s average school age being 6, we have a literacy rate of 88.6%.

Here's a glance of when kindergarten starts across Europe


Nature Activities for your Child

Take advantage of long sunny days by exploring the natural world.

1. Go bird watching. Take photos and keep track of your sightings.

2. Grow fresh herbs in containers. Use old coffee cans, milk jugs, mason jars, plastic cups, or anything else you have around the house. Keep your herb garden on a patio or windowsill.

3. Look for shapes in the clouds. Put a blanket in the grass and stare up at the sky. Take turns talking about what you see in the clouds.

4. Make a bird feeder. Watch birds visit your yard and add to your list of bird sightings.

5. Make fairy houses. Use moss, bark, and leaves to create a dwelling.

6. Pick your own plants. Find a farm with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, veggies, or flowers and get picking.

7. Plant a butterfly or hummingbird garden. Create a backyard wildlife habitat. Summer


Camping Books for your Preschooler


August Crafts: Camping Fire & My Place in the World

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