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July Newsletter

Easy Sensory Bins to Help Speech Development

Kids LOVE them! Sensory bins are engaging and hands-on fun. And they easily make a boring activity fun with minimal preparation.

Use sensory bins for:

  • targeting joint attention

  • imitating actions (scooping, shaking, etc)

  • pretend play

  • cause and effect

  • turn-taking

  • requesting

  • practicing simple verbs (in, out, open, close)

  • hiding articulation cards, task cards, or anything that is motivating and fits their therapy goals

  • vocabulary

  • wh questions

  • following directions

  • categories

  • sequencing

Is your little one on track with their speech?

If you notice any of the following occurrences, contact us today for more information.

-Not gesturing, waving, or pointing by 12 months

-Not imitating new sounds by 18 months and/or choosing to gesture instead of making communication noises by 18 months

-Cannot follow basic instructions by 2 years

-Cannot imitate words or phrases by 2 years

-Cannot spontaneously produce new words by 2 years

-Speaks with an uncommon voice — perhaps one that is nasal, raspy, or has another quality that makes the child difficult to understand when speaking.

Unlike many other conditions, early intervention often has the potential to prevent or reverse a communication disorder—or at least dramatically reduce the negative consequences it has on children’s academic and social success as well as their overall development.

The earlier we reach a child, the more successful, the less expensive, and the shorter the course of treatment. By delaying an assessment and/or treatment to see if a child outgrows a potential disorder, parents may be missing a key window of opportunity. Fun American Themed Crafts!

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