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Speech Therapy (2-12 year olds)
Children with Speech and Language delays thrive in our Speech Therapy program. Children who have trouble receiving or expressing communication benefit from speech therapy. We also see children with barriers in articulation, language, oral motor development, stuttering, and more.  Each child receives an assessment that allows our therapists to create an individualized therapy plan perfect for them! Virtual service.

Our experienced SLPs can help treat problems related to speech, hearing,
and swallowing, more specifically they can help assess and treat: 

-Speech: articulation
-Fluency: stuttering, and cluttering
-Language: ability, & comprehension of spoken and written language
-Cognition: attention, memory, ability to solve problems
-Voice: characteristics of vocal tone
-Auditory habilitation & auditory rehabilitation: recovery techniques
associated with speech, hearing & language disorders
-Swallowing disorders: stroke and congenital disorders


Child Psycholgist
Online Class

Benefits of Online Speech Therapy
-For families who cannot physically be at an appointment, due to social distancing guidelines, disability, transportation, scheduling, etc., SEIT is a great option.

-A good choice for people with tight schedules to accommodate the family and the therapist’s schedules. No more drive time or wait time!

-Children meet with us from any location, from the comfort of their natural environment.

-Experienced professionals available to you even if there is a shortage of therapists in your area.

-State of the art technology platform for meetings which includes interactive activities and games.

Next Steps
1. REFER: 
Call SEIT at 919-330-4802 or
email to speak with a client coordinator about your concerns and make a referral for your child to be assessed.

2. APPOINTMENT: A SEIT professional will contact you to set up an appointment time as soon as all of the necessary paperwork is completed.

 SEIT will contact you and complete an evaluation/assessment with
a guardian and child.

If the evaluation team determines that your child qualifies for services, sessions will be set up with
one of our dedicated therapy
professionals and the journey towards success will begin!

Teacher and Young Student
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