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February Newsletter

Speech Building at the Park 

Get outside for some fresh air and learning opportunities! Your local park provides so many fun opportunities to grow your little ones language and language modeling. 

Here are some park vocabulary words great for modeling/practicing:

-Verbs: climb, slide, walk, crawl, go

-Basic Concepts: up and down, over and under, big and small 

-Following Steps: first, now, do, stop

Sharing with everyone a simple speech game to play at the park, in the car, or in your cozy house! 

-Play “I Spy” to target language skills (vocabulary description, i.e., I spy something small and sharp).

-Target articulation skills (find objects with target articulation sounds!) 

-Colors: To practice colors, find everything that is a certain color. 

-Grammar: Practice a target verb such as “I see,” or “I discovered”Indoor Movements


 Fine Motor Skills Fine motor skill activities are aimed at developing and strengthening the small muscles of the hands and wrists.

  • Strength Activities

  • Play with clothespins and practice opening/shutting using alternate fingers, pinning around a piece of paper, pinning up toys, etc.

  • Practice cutting patterns using kid-safe scissors

  • Play with playdough, putty, clay, modeling foam, etc.

  • Knead bread or cookie dough then roll with a rolling pin

  • Practice squeezing a spray bottle or water gun using different fingers

  • Practice punching holes using a hole puncher

  • Pop bubbles from a bubble pack

  • Use tweezers to pick up and sort small objects like beads or puffballs

  • Squeeze a stress ball

  • Fill one bowl with water and leave one empty, then have your child practice soaking a sponge and wringing out the water into the other bowl

  • Finger Isolation Activities

  • Practice using index finger to draw in sand, shaving cream, a steamy window

  • Play with finger puppets

  • Practice hand motions for songs like “Baby Shark”

  • Play finger soccer and thumb war

  • Finger paint

  • Play with a toy cash register, calculator, toy phone, etc.

  • Play with toy musical instruments that require fingers (clarinet, recorder, piano, etc.)

  • Practice buttoning and snapping

  • Practice tying shoes

  • Play with stickers


Valentine's Day Books for Little Ones 


February Crafts: Valentine's Day & Black History Month

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