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April Newsletter

Using Mr. Potato Head for Practicing Speech

1. Labeling & Object Function of Body Parts

Use this opportunity to work on the function of each body part and where they belong on the body. Do the same with clothing items. You can also expand vocabulary with descriptive words for each body part: “Round nose, orange lips, etc.”

2. Pronouns

Using two potato heads, label one a girl and one a boy. Take turns giving directions for building the heads: “She wants the pink lips… he wants the green hat.” You can also ask questions: “Who has the green hat?… He does.”

3. Following & Giving Directions

Give your child very specific instructions (“Put the blue hat on Potato Head”) to follow. Once they are ready, have them give you building directions. You can also work on multi-step directions: “Put on the orange nose, then put on the green shoes.”

4. Verbs

Play and describe what they’re doing! Walk, talk, eat, listen, break, fall, etc.


What is Expressive Language?

It’s more or less, exactly what it sounds like!

There are two basic types of language: Receptive and Expressive. All babies and toddlers will have a grasp on receptive language before expressive. Receptive language, or, the ability to understand what someone else is saying to you, is how we build our expressive language, which is essentially the ability to respond (in words) to what someone else is saying to you.


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