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Therapeutic Services 100% Free with Medicaid*
*Most services



We believe in bettering the whole child while working
with the family in their natural environment.

Support families in caring for their children.


Superior services to qualifying families.


One-on-one, individualized sessions.

Help young children to grow and develop.

Learning happens through creative play.


Child's natural environment,
face-to-face, or virtual.

#1 Play Therapy agency choice for many families!

Our Goal: Help your child reach their fullest
                         potential through our therapeutic
                         services & child success programs. 

Early Intervention services can change a child’s developmental path and improve outcomes for children, families, and communities. Simmons Early Intervention Therapy offers programs to help every child succeed.  SEIT therapists and success coaches use a play-based coaching model to help children work toward achieving developmental milestones and academic success.

Creative play, while incorporating the child’s needs along the way. Where learning and fun happen! Toys, games, songs, and fun.
Sing songs, build figures, match items, manipulate objects, etc.

We are committed to putting you and your child’s needs FIRST.

Kids in Preschool

"They worked with my son and I FULLY support them. My son went through many different therapies, and SEIT. One of their staff particularly Mallory is wonderful. SEIT brought my son so far he was non-verbal and they had him ready for Pre-K! His words increased dramatically."


Everybody Loves SEIT!

Diverse Kindergarten

Is SEIT for you? Does your child...

* Have a delay to walk, speak, or play with others?

* Have difficulty with behaviors?

* Exhibit delays in thinking? Or advanced in his/her thinking abilities?

* Slow to develop relationships with others or
respond to them appropriately?

* Have trouble performing daily living tasks such
as feeding or dressing one’s self?


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