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Helping children of all abilities  succeed

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Help your child build the strongest foundation for lifelong success through our Tele-Excel program! No need to worry about your child regressing developmentally during this time of social distancing. Our Tele-Excel program helps your child learn and grow in all child development domains and learning including social-emotional, cognitive, speech, language, writing, motor skills, and more. Designed for 3-10 year olds. This program is for children who may be hitting all of their developmental milestones but need to be challenged more. In-person or Virtual service.

Let us help your child with their academic subjects through our virtual Tele-Tutoring program! Tele-Tutoring program is designed to help children with academic subjects from Pre-K through 5th grade. Each client receives an initial consultation so we can develop a personalized tutoring program to meet their needs. Academic subjects include math, English, science, basic skills, and more. Children receive one-on-one services and parents receive consistent reports to stay updated on your child’s progress. Virtual service.

SEIT will get your child reading at the appropriate level through our Tele-Phonics program, which utilizes research-based initiatives to assist your child in reading and overall academic performance! A personal reading coach will help your child become a skilled and enthusiastic reader by building on their abilities. Each child receives an initial assessment to determine their literacy strengths and weaknesses. Tele-Phonics is designed for children 3-10 years old. We focus on phonics, word attack skills, reading fluency, comprehension, and more! Virtual service.

“Extensive reading is linked to superior performance on measures of general
knowledge, vocabulary, spelling,
verbal fluency, and reading comprehension.”


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1. REFER: 
Call SEIT at 919-330-4802 or email to speak with a client coordinator about your concerns and make a referral for your child to be assessed.

 A child success coach will contact you and set up a consultation as soon as all
 of the necessary paperwork is completed.

 The child success coach will review the results of the consultation 
and be readily available to answer any of your questions or address any concerns.

When you decide SEIT is the right fit for your child, sessions will be set up with one of our dedicated child success professionals and the journey towards success will begin!

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