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The New Normal at SEIT!

Precautions we are taking for Children that come to SEIT: - We are limiting visits to one family in the office at a time.

- Parents must call whenever they pull into the parking lot, SEIT staff will then go outside and check their temperature along with have them fill out a form that asked a series of questions regarding COVID19. - Once they come into the building they must go straight to the bathroom and wash their hands. - SEIT will then sanitize doors and every thing that was touched in between each session.

Precautions we are taking for SEIT Therapist that go into homes:

- Therapists are checking with the family before entering the home, to make sure no one has experienced any COVID symptoms. - Therapists are washing hands and/or sanitizing in between each session. As well as wiping any items down that may go into the home before they go into a different home.

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