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January Newsletter

Why Speaking "Baby Talk" to your child is a NO-NO!

Regardless of your child’s age, speak in full descriptive sentences as much as possible. Do you hear your kid speaking and say a part of what they are trying to express like “more,” respond by saying “more water!” 

Helping your child to finish their sentences will give them the tools so that they learn to express a complete thought.

Here’s an idea using dolls, superheroes, stuffed animals or puppets. They give your child something fun and exciting to look at while learning something new. Practice teaching your little one to nod their head for yes and no! Start with questions that have obvious YES answers and obvious NO answers. 

For example: “Do you want a cookie?” 

Answer: YES! 

“Do you want to go to wipe your face?” 

Answer: NO!

Repeat this game over and over, and have fun exaggerating the head movements as you do!


What is the Importance of Stories in Early Education?

Reading with children can help to create a love of reading for life. Multiple studies have found a correlation between reading for pleasure and higher academic achievement in every subject, not just English. The benefits of reading with children on their education is endless!

Improved literary skills. Reading aloud young children, even if they can’t fully understand what you are saying, gives them the skills they need for when they begin to read by themselves. It shows children that reading is something achieved by focusing from left to right and that turning pages is essential for continuing. Reading to children in even the earliest months of their lives can help with language acquisition and stimulating the part of the brain that processes language.

More extensive vocabulary. Hearing words spoken aloud can expose children to a range of new vocabulary and phrases that they may not have heard otherwise. By reading to a child daily, they’ll learn new words every single day.

Greater concentration. Regular and consistent reading can help to improve a child’s concentration abilities.

Higher levels of creativity and imagination. Reading a book relies on us using our imagination for picturing characters and guessing what’s coming next. We must use our imagination if we are to learn about other people, places, events, and times. That creates a great imagination!


January Crafts: MLK Day & Snow Fun

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